Pharmacy Services

Med-Lab Diagnostic Center, staffed by top-notch professionals, prides itself in the quality of professional services offered to clients. Healthcare is delivered in a holistic manner involving various professionals to get the patient enjoy quality life. Pharmacy Department is involved to provide pharmaceutical care to achieve the treatment goal(s) individualized to each patient. The MLDC Pharmacy Team dispenses branded medicines and quality generics.

The Pharmacy Department has qualified and experienced team with a zeal to serve with excellence and cherish confidentiality. The Pharmacy department has quality policies and procedures that are also reviewed to capture the current best practices. The pharmacy team is innovative and perpetual learners to promote patient safety and timeliness in all our operations.

MLDC pharmacies serve all patients i.e. cash patients, insurance and corporate clients. Casualty Pharmacy is open 24 hours throughout the year. The Pharmacy department is observing the current guidelines on COVID-19 as guided by the Ministry of Health.

Pharmacy Patient Charter

Our customers are our priority. All Pharmacy service Waiting Areas display the Pharmacy Service Charter on the notice board for their customers. It highlights the following promises.

We promise:
  • To dispense your prescription medicines within 15 minutes of presenting your prescription

  • To ensure 100% prescription fill.

  • To anticipate and explain any delays.

  • To treat you with dignity and respect.

  • To accord you privacy during consultation.

  • To handle your information with confidentiality.

  • To provide you with a channel to give feedback about our services.

Patients are expected:
  • To present a valid prescription.

  • To provide full and accurate information.

  • To follow the recommended treatment instructions.

  • To contact their doctor or pharmacist for clarification on treatment.

  • To show respect and consideration for other patients and staff.

  • To settle their financial obligations.

  • Always inform the healthcare professional about allergies and medications you are using or recently used.

  • Take medicines as guided by the pharmacy team.

  • Do not share medicines.

  • Store medicines away from children.

  • Keep the medicines as guided by the storage conditions.

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